All members must follow the rules or be banned.

  1. Behavior & Chat
  2. Builds
  3. Griefing
  4. Stealing
  5. Mods, Hacks and Clients
  6. Technical disruption
  7. Bans, Appeals, Accounts
  8. Discord specific rules

Behavior & Chat

When sending messages in chat, please treat people with kindness and respect. Messages should be in English only. Do not post the following content:


The following builds are not allowed:


We want players to build in peace with confidence that their build will remain unchanged. Therefore, griefing is strictly against the rules. The following counts as griefing, and will result in a ban:


Do not take other people's stuff without asking. Stealing is not allowed!

Mods, Hacks and Clients

Do not use any mod or client that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage. For example:

Client-side minimaps and waypoints are also discouraged as they give players an unfair advantage over vanilla players. (Especially minimaps that show mobs, players and death waypoints)

Technical disruption

Do not attempt to disrupt the server infrastructure or compromise the safety of members. For example, distributing harmful files, or targeting the server with bots or network attacks.

Bans, Appeals, Accounts

Players must use a legitimate Minecraft account that belongs to them. Do not attempt to bypass the rules, or evade a ban using an alternate account. By using Minecraft, you agree to the Minecraft EULA and Microsoft Services Agreement.

Discord specific rules

You must follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.